Happy Hogmanay!

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No one celebrates the New Year (Hogmanay) quite like the Scots! From traditional fire festivals and torchlight processions to street parties with live music and fireworks, Scotland has it all.  But what does Hogmanay actually mean anyway?  Why do the Scots celebrate the New Year with such passion than any other nation? Hogmanay - (HOG-mə-NAY)

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14 Popular Travel Posts for 2014

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The Smallest House in Great Britain

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Wales Conwy

Where is this quaint little house?

The smallest house in Great Britain was lived in until 1900 and believe it or not the owner was a 6’3” (1.91m) fisherman named Robert Jones.  A very Welsh name…so it has to be in Wales, North Wales to be exact.  This house is also known as the Quay House and became a tourist attraction on the Quay in Conwy, Wales. 

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Old English Fudge

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Old English Fudge

Fudge is a delicious sweet treat made from milk, butter and sugar and comes in all kinds of forms nowadays.  It’s a very typical British treat, you can find thousands of Fudge shops all over Britain. Simple Fudge has been an easy recipe to make for hundreds of years because of its basic ingredients.  This recipe has white chocolate added to it, which is only one of many variations to Old English Fudge.













Boxing Day and St. Stephens Day

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England and Ireland

Happy Boxing Day!

There are two tales of how Boxing Day came about! 

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Boxing day

Merry Christmas!

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England Christmas in England


I decided to do a post today on England, just because that’s where I’m from and all my family are in jolly old England celebrating Christmas….so this post brings back fond memories.

The First Silent Night

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Austria Salzburg Silent Night

Almost 200 years ago, two young underprivileged boys grew up in humble circumstances in the small cobbled villages of Austria. The hard years that shaped them would also destine them to meet one day in a poor country church where Gruber’s music and Mohr’s text would unite into a classic Christmas carol. 

Christmas Traditions in Europe

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Traditions can be found in every home and in every country, especially around the Christmas season.  It’s what ties families and communities together, it creates strong bonds with one another sharing happy times and building memories while celebrating the birth of the Savior. 

Now that Christmas is upon us let’s take a look at all the different countries in Europe to see what they’ve been up to this Christmas season. 

Scottish Dundee Slab Cake

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Dundee Slab Cake

When the Christmas pudding was created hundreds of years ago, other similar cakes began to form around Britain that mainly contained fruits and some nuts.  There are many types of Christmas cakes nowadays with different textures, flavors and styles, British homes have at least one which keeps the tradition going.  This Dundee cake is a favorite of mine because it has a lighter texture than some of the other heavy Christmas cakes.  These cakes can also be bought in shops or ordered online.






Mince Pies

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British Mince Pies

Take a bite out of history!