Crèche De Noël

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Crèche De Noël  - The Nativity


Crèche De Noël


Harry Potter Mania at Christmas

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Are you a Harry Potter fan?  Our family certainly is!  All of our children grew up with Harry Potter, which meant as parents we had to buy every DVD and go to every movie just like all the other HP fans out there, but we didn’t mind, we loved it too. 

Harry Potter

Butterbeer Cookies

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Butterbeer Cookies

Our family was Harry Potter fans the whole time our kids were growing up – how could we not be?  Our kids grew up with Harry Potter; we visited Harry Potter sites in England, went to every movie, read every book, had HP birthday parties, Santa made sure there were Harry Potter stocking stuffers and watched Harry Potter movies every Christmas.  We continue this tradition ever since Christmas Eve 2001 when the first Harry Potter movie came out in England and we were over there visiting family for Christmas.  Now it just wouldn’t seem like Christ

Jam Tarts

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British Jam Tarts

When I was growing up, Jam Tarts were made from left over pastry, which happened a lot because we made pies quite often.  Jam Tarts are served at teatime as well as other pastries, cakes and sandwiches.  At Christmas Jam Tarts are part of the occasion along with mince pies, cakes, biscuits and other British sweets. 











This recipe makes around 45 Jam Tarts

The Christmas Cracker Craze

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Just what is a Christmas cracker exactly?  Do you know how many times I’ve been asked that question over the years?  It’s definitely a British Christmas tradition and started back in London in 1847 when an idea popped into Tom Smith’s head. 


English Christmas Crackers


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Bûche de Noël

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French Yule Log

A French pastry chef created this clever Bûche de Noël in the 1800’s to pay culinary homage to the original yule log tradition that actually started in Norway.  The traditional Yule Log kept those cold, dark winters bright and warm in homes throughout Norway and was a big part of the winter solstice celebrations for centuries. 

The Mystical Mistletoe

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Why does standing under the mistletoe invite a kiss?  The evergreen plant has been known for its magical ingredient for hundreds of years; even the Celtics believed the mistletoe had mystical healing powers.  The botanical name for this plant is Viscum Album, a plant that grows during the winter months when everything else dies through the cold, harsh winters. This was seen as a symbol of fertility and was also used as a medicine to heal various illnesses, an antidote for poison and to ward off evil spirits.

British Christmas Pudding

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British Christmas Pudding
British Christmas Pudding



















FYI - In England ‘pudding’ means dessert.

British Christmas pudding not only has quite a history to its name, but it also has a fascinating traditional way of making this rich fruity cake.  

English Creamy Fudge

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English Creamy Fudge

Fudge is a delicious sweet treat made from milk, butter and sugar and comes in all kinds of forms nowadays.  It’s a very typical British treat, you can find thousands of Fudge shops all over Britain.  In some areas of England they are very famous for their fudge – like Cornwall (there’s nothing like Cornish fudge) and if you happen to go on a holiday to Cornwall you will be buying Cornish fudge by the boxes – trust me.